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Our latest offers

H 12: Live, relax and enjoy a magnificent view

Haus 12 - Ansicht

Haus 12 - Ansicht vorne

Haus 12 - Ansicht oben

Haus 12 - Ansicht oben

More Greek lifestyle is barely possible. This modern house is located on a 5,100 m2 plot with 99 old olive trees. The fantastic view over the landscape, of the sea – just 1.7 miles away – and of the neighboring “finger”, the Mani, will thrill you 365 days a year.
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H 11: A feel-good place in Vounária

Haus 11 Ansicht

Frontansicht mit Garage Haus 11

Blick von Haus 10

Blick von Haus 10

Though directly in the centre of Vounária, it comes with a 1000 square metres plot of land that is hidden from public view. > more



H 8: A real gem!

Stadthaus 8 Koroni

Stadthaus 8 Blick zum Meer

Stadthaus 8 Gartenanlage 1

A wonderful domicile on the outskirts of Koroni with a residential area of 116 square metres on two floors. The well-maintained garden is about 500 square metres. A gorgeous view of the sea and the Taygetos mountains. > more


H 10: Within walking distance to Koroni

Haus 10 Ansicht

Sonnenterrasse Haus 10

Blick von Haus 10

Well-kept house, situated between Asini and Koroni, right by the road to Burg. 85 square metres of living space – 60 on the ground floor, 25 upstairs. 300 square metres of ground. Spacious sun terrace, extensive view of the sea and the Taygetos Mountains. Attractive price. > more